What Would A Muslim Have To Do For You To Listen?

Imagine someone from a different religion wanted to persuade you to convert to that religion. For convenience sake, we will imagine it is a man although it would be worth reflecting on whether it would make any difference if she was a woman. What would he have to do?

To be more specific, imagine he is a Muslim. They are in the news a lot and Islam is (just like Christianity) a missionary religion. Muslims want to convert others to their faith. What would he have to do to get you to listen seriously to what he has to say?

You might say, “There is nothing he could do. I have put my faith in Jesus. I believe that Jesus is the one and only Saviour of the world. Nothing could get me to get me to consider another religion.” I get that and I agree. Absolutely.

But just imagine. At the very least you might want to give him a courteous hearing simply to understand him better or because you hope he might return the compliment and listen to you when you want to explain your faith. Just imagine.

What would a Muslim have to do for you to genuinely listen to what he says about his faith? Conversely, what would get your back up or cause you to stop listening?

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One thought on “What Would A Muslim Have To Do For You To Listen?

  1. We work on the principle of looking for “people of peace” – those people in whom God has already been at work. So this assumes that many people are at this stage in their lives not people of peace, and therefore not open to the Gospel. So, I would need to be disillusioned with my Christian faith – hurt by other Christians, doubting the truth of my own faith, feeling distant from God. My Muslim friend would need to be excited about the positive differences his faith has made, confident and clear explaining his faith, and how it impacts daily life – not just living a good life and hoping that I notice!

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