Following Jesus (Discipleship)

Discipleship describes the whole of the Christian life - everything that following Jesus means. It is therefore the umbrella section for this site. All of the others are subsets of discipleship.  

Getting To Know Jesus (Conversion)

Do you want to know what following Jesus means? We will try to give you plenty of information so you can make your own decision. This step is the most important of your life. Jesus called it being born again.

Growing In That Relationship

If starting is compared with birth, obviously there is a lot of growing to do after that. Growing involves the head (knowledge), the heart (character and passions) and the hands (the skills of a mature Christian.)

Helping others follow Jesus (Disciple-making)

Part of the mission of a disciple is disciple-making. This again is an umbrella term. It covers evangelism and discipling.

Helping others meet Jesus (Evangelism)

Evangelism means sharing the good news of Jesus with others with the desire that they also come to know Jesus and follow Him.

Helping other followers grow (Discipling)

Helping others grow to maturity as a follower of Jesus.


Resources for churches that want to make disciples.

Models & Movements

How are other churches making disciples? Some methods include rapid multiplication and have become whole movements. See, for example, Church Planting Movements (including T4T)

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